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So...what is empori?

We are so glad you asked.
empori is a studio//library that creates and curates experiences that explore the curiosities and delight in everyday life!
What is an experience you ask?
An experience is a gateway to mini-adventures.
these gateways come in many forms:
an event
a game
a zine
a walk
the list goes on...

Our name "empori" is short for emporium of experiences. We named the studio as such as we hope to be able to bring a myriad of experiences to people. Which explains the 'library' part of empori. We also find the word emporium elicits a sense of awe and wonder that's not dissimilar to walking into Santa's workshop. Both are emotions we hope to inspire in our experiences.

As for studio, well, what else do you call an entity that creates things if not a studio?

The seed for Empori was first sowed at Tokyo Disneysea in late May of 2011. Just a scant few months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Tokyo was still recovering. Escalators in train stations around the city were switched off. The city lost its luster, both literally and figuratively. There were few city lights on the backdrop of the night sky and there was an extra weight in the footsteps of the people. Perhaps what was most telling were the lines at Disneysea. 5-minuts for Journey to the centre of the world, the total time it takes to walk from the ride entrance to the boarding area.

At a time like this, one show, The Legend of Mythica, was somehow able to bring together hearts of the young and old. In that one moment, the plaza of Disneysea was filled with awe and wonder, and the people who were wary from the challenges of life were smiling again. In that one moment, everyone was happy. Recharged and ready to face the hardships of life again.

"This is what we want to do." Whatever 'this' was.

And it turns out, 'this' was experiences.

BONUS READ🎉-What is an "experience" exactly?

The Legend of Mythica was a daytime spectacle, a show, if you will. And that most certainly is an experience.

But at it's core, an experience is merely a narrative that you create in your head. A narrative about the interaction you're engaging in, be it with a person, an activity, an object or even an...experience.

So sure, events, shows, concerts and installations are all experiences. But so is a walk through the park, a book and even a conversation. In fact, life is just one big experience.

But you knew that already didn't you?

What's on?

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Pokéfan Wine Tasting

Coming early September -
Pokéfan Wine Tasting
tickets on sale soon

Oatmilk Showdown

Date T.B.C -
Oatmilk Showdown


24 Sep 2022 -
MoLAHPP @ Parking Day
(in collab with PawCat Guide;
link coming soon

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Welcome to our humble souvenir shop.
Everything here is crafted with care and made with curiosity.
We've got everything from morsels of delight to DIY experience kits.
Happy browsing!

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Empori Tea Flavor Wheel

Tea Flavor Wheel

Stripped Conversations DIY Kit

Stripped Convo Kit

My Tea Journal

Tea Journal

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My Cat's Tea Journal


Welcome to our studio!
Here you can find experiences in the form of events and workshops that you can book for your own enjoyment!

currently featuring:
taste series | 品系列
exploring the intersection between
taste // interactivity // storytelling

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Airbnb Experience: What's your Personali-tea?

Know Your Tea Preferences

Cha Spaces// ha空間

the off-season christmas elves we hired to construct the shop got recalled. something about early x'mas orders...
(is it just us or does x'mas stuff just start earlier and earlier each year?)
we're doing our best to find some equally magical replacement craftsmen.
we thank you for your patience and understanding!

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