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So...what is empori?

We are so glad you asked.
empori is a studio//library that creates and curates experiences that explore the curiosities and delight in everyday life!

What is an experience you ask?
An experience is a gateway to mini-adventures.

these gateways come in many forms:
an event
a game
a zine
a walk
the list goes on...

What's on?

an exploration of the intersection between
taste, interactivity and storytelling

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souvenir shop

Welcome to our humble souvenir shop.
Everything here is crafted with care and made with curiosity.
We've got everything from morsels of delight to DIY experience kits.
Happy browsing!


Paid Stuff

the off-season christmas elves we hired to construct the shop got recalled. something about early x'mas orders...
(is it just us or does x'mas stuff just start earlier and earlier each year?)
we're doing our best to find some equally magical replacement craftsmen.

we thank you for your patience and understanding!

previously on empori...

an exploration of
conversation, community and space.

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